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Chemical Plant PEMS

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[Chemical Plant PEMS] [US Chemical Company, Kentucky, 7/12/11]-

A major US company owns and operates two boilers subject to 40 CFR Part 60, Subpart D for designated boilers located at their Kentucky facility. The rated heat input for one boiler is 180 mmBTU/hr natural gas fired Babcock and Wilcox FM boiler using fuel gas recirculation installed in 2007. The other boiler is rated at 179.25 mmBTU/hr natural gas/oil fired Nebraska Model NSX-G-117 boiler installed in 1997.  The exhaust gas stream is discharged to the atmosphere from each boiler and emissions are monitored using a predictive emissions monitoring system (PEMS).  CMC Solutions installed the PEMS on July 12th, 2011.