What kind of instrumentation and process inputs are needed to train the model and what interface is required to the SmartCEMS® PEMS?

SmartCEMS® utilizes any quality assured process input parameter that correlates with emission data for model generation. Typically, around a dozen parameters are utilized in a simple cycle gas turbine or gas-fired boiler PEMS model with more parameters required associated with any add-on pollution control technologies.


Ambient data is utilized when it is available. There are no mandatory inputs required for a given model (with the exception of the unit load in megawatts and the fuel flow rate). The system analyzes the training data set to determine which of the available inputs or control system data is relevant to the model. Instrumentation and field devices that are determined to be used in the emission model may be subjected to additional quality controls per the local regulatory requirements and the site quality assurance program.


Interfacing with existing control and emission monitoring systems can be accomplished using serial communications, Ethernet connectivity, or through hard wiring to remote I/O devices. CMC can provide the hardware and equipment required or the system can be configured to utilize any standard ‘Windows’ based technology such as OPC, ODBC, OLE, DDE, Modbus, etc. to extract the data from the turbine control system.


This interface between existing control and monitoring systems with the PEMS server deployed on site can eliminate the need for hard wiring I/O to the SmartCEMS® system. Hard wire interfaces range from economical Ethernet-ready devices to a custom programmable controller with data-loggers and data buffering with uninterruptible power supply guaranteeing near 100% data availability.