Could you provide references for PEMS installations? What types of turbines and boilers have been certified with the SmartCEMS® PEMS product to date?

CMC has certified over one hundred sources at various sites in the U.S. and abroad including power generation, automotive, university, municipal, governmental, and research facilities. SmartCEMS® PEMS has been applied to gas turbines (both simple cycle and combined cycle) of various sizes from microturbine, small turbines, and mid-size turbines all the way up to the largest turbines manufactured.


These turbines are of varying configuration with all types of NOx controls including dry low NOx, steam and water injection, solid catalytical reduction, and custom firing controls. Boiler applications include small to large size units of various configuration and those equipped with post combustion controls.


In addition, CMC has provided PEMS at a number of ethanol facilities and automotive or university steam plants. Please contact CMC for a detailed list of references and contacts from the regulatory agencies who are familiar with the CMC product line and the performance of the statistical hybrid PEMS.